University Qualifies for $22,174 Incentive Check for Energy Management System Upgrades

University, Incentive

A local University upgraded their current energy management system to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings.  The main air handling systems were programmed to perform optimized start/stop as well as demand based ventilation.  The changes will save the customer roughly 8-11% annually on natural gas and electricity.

MYESCO (a registered CE Trade Ally) worked with the University to upgrade their proposed project to include additional enhancements qualifying them for the Consumers Energy Incentive Program and the increased energy savings.  This resulted in the University being presented with a $22,174 check from Consumers Energy to help grow future energy savings strategies.

If you are thinking about upgrading any of your current energy management systems, MYESCO is here to guide you through the process.  Our energy engineers evaluate potential equipment and systems to allow you to make the best design choices in order to save on energy and costs.