Tool and Die Company Earns $157,000 Utility Incentives

Utility Incentives

MYESCO (a registered CE Trade Ally) worked with a Tool and Die Company that was in the planning stages of constructing a new building.  An energy model of the proposed building was created to evaluate energy saving equipment and systems using simulation software.  A final design was established showing that the whole building (building envelope, HVAC, lighting) is 46.5% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1-2007. The proposed design projected annual savings of 811,602 KWh for electricity and 3,320 Mcf in natural gas.  The Tool and Die Company were paid $157,000 in utility incentives by Consumers Energy through the Consumers Energy Incentive Program.

If you are looking to build an energy efficient building, please contact us today.  Our energy management experts can help you evaluate potential equipment and systems. This will allow you to make the best design choices to meet your facility’s needs.  Informed decisions during the planning phase will lead to long term energy efficient performance.  This will also lead to money in your pocket for qualifying designs by the Consumers Energy Incentive Program.