Mechanical Services

Aging boiler systems are ideal candidates for attaining significant operational efficiency improvements. A MYESCO engineered solution will provide superior site comfort while attaining energy savings with operational redundancy.

MYESCO Best Practices

Site survey of existing system.

Engineering study to determine system sizing based on facility needs.

Equipment sourcing & installation coordination

Utility rebate attainment

Solution planning that includes:

  • ECM pumps (replacement to floor pumps)
  • Boiler operational redundancy
  • Implementation of two-way values
  • Heat exchanger and pump to heat domestic storage tank
  • JACE user platform to provide operational logic and web-based system access.

Performance Results

Case study report available upon request.

  • 42% natural gas energy savings. (metered results)
  • 33% electrical energy savings.
  • 18-20 degree temperature differential.
  • Domestic hot water heating for free.
  • Improved site comfort.
  • Redundant heating system.

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