School District Installs New Boilers – Earns $21,530 Utility Incentives

School District

A local School District recently installed three new hydronic boilers that all came with a 90% AFUE efficiency rating or above.  Energy efficiency upgrades and newly installed high-efficiency heating systems will help to reduce your utility bills. Older boiler systems had efficiency ratings in the range of 56% to 70%.

The School District also installed a new 200 ton air cooled chiller, along with variable frequency drives on their HVAC pumps.  All of these energy efficiency upgrades together helped the School District earn $21,530 in Utility Incentives through the Consumers Energy Incentive Program and the DTE Incentive Program.

If you are looking to upgrade any of your current energy management systems, MYESCO (a registered CE and DTE Trade Ally) can help guide you through the process.  We strive to maximize your return on any energy project!

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