High School Performs Boiler Tune-Up

high school

A regular maintenance program for your heating equipment is relatively inexpensive and will help to increase equipment life, while providing energy savings.  Periodic tune-ups should be a part of any program and will keep your boiler(s) operating at peak performance levels.

A local High School recently performed a tune-up to their process boilers as part of their routine maintenance program.  DTE offers Incentives to customers who perform tune-ups to their heating equipment through their respective Incentive Program.  MYESCO (a registered DTE Trade Ally) handled the complicated Incentive process for the High School, which allowed them to receive a $2,585 check from DTE for the tune-up.

It may be time to perform regularly scheduled maintenance or tune-ups to any of your heating/cooling equipment.  Major utility companies offer incentives for these types of projects.  Here at MYESCO, our team of experts work to find you the maximum incentive amount available.  Contact us today to get the process started!

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