Do Energy Upgrades Really Save You Money?

There are three types of energy upgrades that can occur; existing building retrofits, major remodels, and new construction projects.  In each scenario, significant savings can be achieved from a variety of different areas.  The first is by having an unbiased energy company do research to figure out if there are corresponding rebate opportunities available for the upgrades you’re making.

This is a vital step in the energy upgrade process.  Including an expert like MYESCO in the planning and design phase can significantly alter the amount of rebates that are available for your project.  The best choices for fixtures, lighting, controls, and mechanicals can be jointly decided upon, allowing your company to realize the largest amount of savings.

For example, if you were remodeling your office and needed 50 new lights, a standard fixture could be used that would allow you to install low-e bulbs.  The alternative would be to consult with a company like MYESCO, who may suggest a different LED fixture and bulb allowing you to become eligible for a $4,000 rebate.  This would likely pay for the entire project.

Another way of analyzing a project is to look at the projected payback terms for the installation.  Depending on the age of fixtures and systems, payback terms can be a matter of months based on reduced operational costs and rebates available.

For example, an airport maintenance facility was able to obtain $45,000 in rebates for the $85,000 lighting and heating upgrades they performed. Within the first four months of operations, an additional $39,000 was also saved in reduced utility usage for the facility.  Their ROI was quickly achieved and will provide significant savings into the future.

Energy upgrades do save money and a reduction in usage is most scenarios is possible.  It is essential to have an unbiased energy company on hand to properly analyze the energy projects your company is pursuing or already involved in.  If you’re interested in more information about any of the programs or opportunities available in your area, contact us here or email us at