3 Energy Efficiency Measures for Your Business

Government statistics estimate that across the country, 30% of total energy use in buildings is wasted.  As businesses have started to realize the potential billions of dollars that could be saved, energy efficiency has become more of a focal point.  As industrial and commercial buildings become more efficient, they help to protect the environment, save large amounts of money in energy costs, and lower America’s dependence on foreign oil.  Here are three things that most businesses can do to become more energy efficient:

1. Technology Driven Plan

One of the largest obstacles to effectively managing the energy use in manufacturing facilities is the ability to identify where the problem areas actually are located.  This is why it is important to gain access to your energy data through upgrades in technology and energy monitoring equipment.  New and improved building automation systems allow for proper analysis of all current systems, allowing management to make energy conscious decisions.  Without the proper technology in place, energy usage is hard to pinpoint accurately and effectively.  

2. Weekend Reductions

Industrial and commercial businesses typically have reduced production times during the weekend, or during the night if no shift work is being completed.  These off hours provide a great opportunity for any business to achieve huge energy savings.  With the proper building management system in place, all systems can be turned down/off to allow for the maximum amount of savings.  Automation of these processes is the best route to take as human error can frequently interfere.

3. Compressed Air Leaks

The purchase of a compressed air system is much lower than the cost of operating and managing the system over time.  This is why it is so important to invest in energy efficiency measures and perform regular maintenance.  A compressed air leak audit will identify all of the leaks in the current system, and repairs performed will bring back immediate savings on your utility power bill.  The industry standard for compressed air leak load in manufacturing facilities is 20%-30% of total output, making this a necessity for any facility that utilizes compressed air.

For more information on different measures your business can take to become more energy efficient, contact us today.