Auditorium LED Upgrades

Last week, the team swapped out an entire 2,000-person auditorium with new LED lighting to be back and ready for Sunday service. Shout out to our installers for crushing it!

Got old boilers?

Contact us today to help look at how we can save you money on your heating costs.

Are you still running traditional B&G pumps?

By upgrading to ECM pump technology, you can save roughly 50% on energy costs and have a 5-year warranty on new equipment.  Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current pumping systems.  

Do Energy Upgrades Really Save You Money?

There are three types of energy upgrades that can occur; existing building retrofits, major remodels, and new construction projects.  In each scenario, significant savings can be achieved from a variety of different areas.  The first is by having an unbiased energy company do research to figure out if there are corresponding rebate opportunities available for […]

3 Energy Efficiency Measures for Your Business

Government statistics estimate that across the country, 30% of total energy use in buildings is wasted.  As businesses have started to realize the potential billions of dollars that could be saved, energy efficiency has become more of a focal point.  As industrial and commercial buildings become more efficient, they help to protect the environment, save […]

3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Leaking Compressed Air

Compressed air is not free, but with the proper management program and system review it can be much less expensive.  Identifying the problems with your current compressed air system now will save you time and money in the future. Compressed air audits help to identify leaks that can occur in any part of the system. […]