Air Compressor Rebate

Is your building in need of a new air compressor? We just helped a local West Michigan manufacturing company get a $17,000 rebate back for installing a new air compressor! Let us know if we can help you get rebates back

Auditorium LED Upgrades

Last week, the team swapped out an entire 2,000-person auditorium with new LED lighting to be back and ready for Sunday service. Shout out to our installers for crushing it!

MYESCO Upgrades A Heating Plant.

MYESCO is contracted to upgrade another heating plant for a higher education boiler plant.  Our design and project implementation provides redundancy for heating and domestic water applications, as well as 40% energy savings.  Contact us today for a free boiler plant evolution.  

Got old boilers?

Contact us today to help look at how we can save you money on your heating costs.

Are you still running traditional B&G pumps?

By upgrading to ECM pump technology, you can save roughly 50% on energy costs and have a 5-year warranty on new equipment.  Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current pumping systems.  

Do Energy Upgrades Really Save You Money?

There are three types of energy upgrades that can occur; existing building retrofits, major remodels, and new construction projects.  In each scenario, significant savings can be achieved from a variety of different areas.  The first is by having an unbiased energy company do research to figure out if there are corresponding rebate opportunities available for […]

3 Energy Efficiency Measures for Your Business

Government statistics estimate that across the country, 30% of total energy use in buildings is wasted.  As businesses have started to realize the potential billions of dollars that could be saved, energy efficiency has become more of a focal point.  As industrial and commercial buildings become more efficient, they help to protect the environment, save […]