3 Benefits of a Compressed Air Audit

1. Return on Investment

Compressed air leaks are a significant source of wasted energy in any building or facility.  They have the potential to account for 10-20% of your total power bill.  An audit can quickly identify the biggest leaks that are currently affecting your energy consumption.  Fixing these leaks will immediately decrease your monthly electric bill and provide savings moving forward.

2. Avoid Purchase of New Equipment

A typical recommendation for reducing compressed air use in a building starts with replacing the air compressor itself.  However, a new compressor can be a very expensive purchase for a manufacturing facility.  Checking the current system for leaks is relatively inexpensive and will provide a useful way to reduce your energy consumption.

3. Identify Silent Leaks

It may be easy to identify leaks that you can hear when walking around your building, but there are likely more silent leaks costing you money as well.  Compressed air audits can detect leaks in your system that are undetectable to employees working at the facility.  A high end ultrasonic acoustic device is used to scan the entire building, and detects high frequency sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear.

A compressed air audit is a quick and efficient option that can help reduce your operational expenses and bring more money to your bottom line.  If you’re interested in either of the above, contact us to see if we can help improve your facility.