Local Developer Qualifies for $200,000 in EPAct 179D Tax Deductions


A Grand Rapids based building developer was recently certified under the 179D tax code to receive $1.80 per square foot in tax savings for a major building remodel.  This incentive equated to approximately $200,000 in tax deductions for the building owner which will help to offset future expenses of the business.

The US government renewed the 179D tax code allowing buildings that are put in service in 2015 and 2016 to take advantage of these tax benefits for building energy efficient buildings.  These deductions are based on Building Envelope, HVAC and Lighting Systems being designed better than 50% of the ASHRAE – 90.1 2007 energy code.  The deductions are taken in the tax year the building is placed into service.

MYESCO and its energy modeling team provides 179D EPACT Tax certifications for customers who build energy efficient buildings.  If you have questions related to any project qualifying for these Tax Deductions, contact us for a free consultation.

More information on federal tax credits for energy efficiency can be found on the U.S. SBA website here.

Muskegon Museum of Art Upgrades Existing System Earning $7,048 in Utility Incentives

Opportunities exist for any facility to increase energy efficiency and potentially qualify for Utility Incentives.  MYESCO (a registered CE Trade Ally) recently partnered with an Architectural and Engineering team to make needed enhancements to the Muskegon Museum of Art.  The Museum offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary exhibitions.  To learn more about them click here.

The upgrades to their HVAC system qualified the Museum for the Consumers Energy Incentive Program.  This resulted in the Museum earning a $7,048 check from Consumers Energy to help with future energy savings strategies!

If you plan to make facility upgrades, contact us to provide a free estimate on what kind of Utility Incentives you may qualify for.  Are you currently deciding between different projects?  Our energy engineers can help you decide where to invest your money to maximize your return!

Harold Zeigler Auto Committed to Energy Efficiency – Earns $14,754 Utility Incentives

harold zeigler

Harold Zeigler Auto Group was excited to receive their Utility Incentive check today for the strides they made in constructing an energy efficient building.   A final design was established showing that the proposed new building (including HVAC, lighting, building envelope) is 50.64% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1-2007. Be sure to stop in and see their new show room in Kalamazoo. Their team will be happy to show you around and introduce you to your next car!

If you are looking to build an energy efficient building, contact MYESCO today.  Our energy management experts can help you evaluate potential equipment and systems. Dollars saved in operating costs help you bring the best pricing to your customers in competitive markets.  Informed decisions during the planning phase will lead to long term energy efficient performance.  This will also lead to money in your pocket for qualifying designs by the Consumers Energy Incentive Program.

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Specialty Medical Group Qualifies for $17,529 Incentives

Medical Group

A Grand Rapids based specialty medical group recently designed and built a new space for their practice.  MYESCO (a registered CE and DTE Trade Ally) worked with their design build team to evaluate different HVAC system times and lighting types to ensure their facility would operate as efficient as possible in the future.

A final design was established showing that the entire building (HVAC, building envelope, and lighting) is 43.3% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1-2007.  Based on these results, the building earned a $17,529 Incentive Check from Consumers Energy and DTE from their respective utility incentive programs.

A building’s first cost is roughly 15% of the total life cost of the building.   This means that after the initial move in, an owner will spend roughly 6 times more on the operation of the building. Maintenance, equipment replacements, and energy usage add up over time to make up the other 85% of costs.  Let MYESCO show you the choices for your building that will help save you the most in the long run!

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$3,700 Incentives Earned for Boiler Maintenance/Tune-Up

Boiler Maintenance

Regularly scheduled boiler maintenance and inspection will ensure proper equipment operation.  Any residue that coats the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler will reduce its efficiency and also increase the likelihood of equipment failure. Cleaning this surface according to manufacturer’s recommendations is important to maintaining efficient boiler performance.

MYESCO (a registered DTE Trade Ally) recently processed incentive applications to assist a local Airport who performed a regular maintenance and tune-up of their process boiler.  MYESCO helped the Airport receive a $3,700 Incentive check from DTE through the DTE Incentive Program.

If you are looking to perform regularly scheduled maintenance or a tune-up of any of your current energy systems, please contact us today.  DTE and Consumers Energy offer incentives every other year for routine maintenance that helps save energy and promote longer equipment life.